$200 Pick 4 Bankroll

Brian Nadeau will be playing a early & late Pick 4 – March 21st on behalf of 20 account holders. You will be able to view his team and his selections here.

Now we want you to get in on this action!

*Must be a Capital Bets account holder! You must wager through your account on Gulfstream Park the day of the promotion. Signups will be available until 12PM.


Brian Nadeau’s Early & Late Pick 4 Bets



Bankroll Team



What is a Bankroll?

This is the amount of money a handicapper has to bet with. It applies to all types of gambling, including betting on sports and card games. Although in this case it refers to horse racing.

How Does a Bankroll Work?

We give the handicapper a set amount of money to place bets of his/her choice. Any winnings are then divided between the randomly chosen Bankroll Team. For example, a $500 Bankroll with return winnings of $3,500 with a 25-person Bankroll Team, each person will receive $140! These winnings are then deposited into the Bankroll Team’s accounts, usually the next business day.

How Do I Qualify?

It’s simple! You must place a wager through your Capital Bets account the day of the promotion. If you don’t have an account with Capital OTB you may not participate in the Bankroll. This is why it’s important to Sign Up for a Capital Bets account today!

Pick 4 Contest Archive

03-07-2018Brian Nadeau$332
02-21-2018Brian Nadeau$207.00
02-07-2018Brian Nadeau$0.00
01-17-2018Brian Nadeau$194.80
01-03-2018Brian Nadeau$417.70
10-25-2017Brian Nadeau$182.70
10-11-2017Brian Nadeau$298.40
09-28-2017Brian Nadeau$51.25
09-04-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
08-28-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
08-21-2017Brian Nadeau$140.00
08-14-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
08-07-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
07-31-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
07-25-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
07-04-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
06-21-2017Brian Nadeau$192.75
06-08-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
05-17-2017Brian Nadeau$133.50
05-03-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
04-19-2017Brian Nadeau$112.85
04-05-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
03-22-2017Brian Nadeau$719.30
03-08-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
02-22-2017Brian Nadeau$0.00
02-08-2017Brian Nadeau$202.10
01-28-2017Brian Nadeau$46.40
01-11-2017Brian Nadeau$90.90
12-29-2016Brian Nadeau$180.80
12-7-2016Brian Nadeau$0.00
11-30-2016Brian Nadeau$0.00
11-16-2016Brian Nadeau$124.50
10-26-2016Brian Nadeau$0.00
10-12-2016Brian Nadeau$263.75
09-28-2016John DaSilva$928.35


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