$500 Clubhouse Only Bankroll



  • 25 Patrons randomly chosen
  • Entry forms available 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Wagering from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM


  • Fill out and submit the entry form available
  • Must be present during bankroll to share any winnings
  • Collect your winnings if the handicapper hits!

DateHandicapperStart AmountWinnings
04-19-2019Seth Merrow$500$231.60
04-05-2019Seth Merrow$500$542.55
02-03-2019Seth Merrow$500$234
01-26-2019Mike Callahan$500$505.20
11-09-2018Seth Merrow$500$138
10-05-2018Seth Merrow$500$150.17
09-21-2018Seth Merrow$500$420.29
05-25-2018Seth Merrow$500$337.50
05-11-2018Brian Nadeau$500$0.00
04-20-2018Brian Nadeau$500$348
04-06-2018Seth Merrow$500$422
03-24-2018Mike Callahan$500$190.00
03-09-2018Sully Crotty$500$0.00
02-23-2018Dick Powell$500$511.00
02-09-2018Seth Merrow$500$401.75
01-27-2018Mike Callahan$500$0.00
01-12-2018Seth Merrow$500$0.00
12-08-2017Seth Merrow$500$0.00
11-19-2017Seth Merrow$500$689.49
10-20-2017Seth Merrow$500$243
09-29-2017Seth Merrow$500$0.00
09-16-2017Jeff Bratt$500$0.00
07-04-2017Jeff Bratt$500$630
05-26-2017Brian Nadeau$750$0.00
05-12-2017Seth Merrow$750$1025.25
04-28-2017Brian Nadeau$750$875.67
04-09-2017Andy Serling$1500$1,044.80
03-24-2017Seth Merrow$500$300
03-10-2017Anthony Mormino$500$0.00
02-24-2017Seth Merrow$500$428.90
01-13-2017Seth Merrow$500$0.00
12-09-2016Seth Merrow$1000$3,700.15
11-25-2016Anthony Mormino$500$621.95
11-11-2016Brian Nadeau$500$700
11-05-2016Dick Powell$4000$11,124.90
10-29-2016Seth Merrow$500$209.35
10-14-2016Brian Nadeau$500$534
09-30-2016Brian Nadeau$500$564.70
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Capital OTB will be taking all nighttime thoroughbred racing Saturday (6/15). This includes the full card at Churchill Downs on Stephen Foster night. First post scheduled for 6pm. Good luck to all!
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