Rainbow Pick 6 Bankroll


Special Rainbow Pick 6 Bankroll promotion Saturday February 9th, with Brian Nadeau. Brian will have $250 to play from for 25 account holders.

25 Randomly chosen account holders!


Must wager on Gulfstream through your account the day of the Bankroll.



Online Participants must wager through their account on Gulfstream the day of the bankroll.


Online Bankroll Team


DateHandicapperStart AmountWinnings
04-19-2019Seth Merrow$500$231.60
04-05-2019Seth Merrow$500$542.55
02-03-2019Seth Merrow$500$234
01-26-2019Mike Callahan$500$505.20
11-09-2018Seth Merrow$500$138
10-05-2018Seth Merrow$500$150.17
09-21-2018Seth Merrow$500$420.29
05-25-2018Seth Merrow$500$337.50
05-11-2018Brian Nadeau$500$0.00
04-20-2018Brian Nadeau$500$348
04-06-2018Seth Merrow$500$422
03-24-2018Mike Callahan$500$190.00
03-09-2018Sully Crotty$500$0.00
02-23-2018Dick Powell$500$511.00
02-09-2018Seth Merrow$500$401.75
01-27-2018Mike Callahan$500$0.00
01-12-2018Seth Merrow$500$0.00
12-08-2017Seth Merrow$500$0.00
11-19-2017Seth Merrow$500$689.49
10-20-2017Seth Merrow$500$243
09-29-2017Seth Merrow$500$0.00
09-16-2017Jeff Bratt$500$0.00
07-04-2017Jeff Bratt$500$630
05-26-2017Brian Nadeau$750$0.00
05-12-2017Seth Merrow$750$1025.25
04-28-2017Brian Nadeau$750$875.67
04-09-2017Andy Serling$1500$1,044.80
03-24-2017Seth Merrow$500$300
03-10-2017Anthony Mormino$500$0.00
02-24-2017Seth Merrow$500$428.90
01-13-2017Seth Merrow$500$0.00
12-09-2016Seth Merrow$1000$3,700.15
11-25-2016Anthony Mormino$500$621.95
11-11-2016Brian Nadeau$500$700
11-05-2016Dick Powell$4000$11,124.90
10-29-2016Seth Merrow$500$209.35
10-14-2016Brian Nadeau$500$534
09-30-2016Brian Nadeau$500$564.70

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Capital OTB will be taking all nighttime thoroughbred racing Saturday (6/15). This includes the full card at Churchill Downs on Stephen Foster night. First post scheduled for 6pm. Good luck to all!
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